Hard Trifold Tonneau cover for Toyota Tundra 2007 - 2018 5.5 FT

$579.00 $649.00

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Product description

Year:2007 - 2018  |  Size :5.5Ft(Hard Tri-Fold)

Fit Model: Toyota Tundra

Hard Trifold Made with high Grade Aluminum

Aluminum panel with Aluminum Honeycomb core for more durability.

Easy Installation - No Tool Required

Strong latches for Maximum Safety

Comes with 3 Years Limited warranty.

Will not fit with back rack , Bed Rail and tool box.

A water-tight channel hinge system

Withstand all climate conditions, sealing with windproof rain strip, waterproof, snow proof and dirt proof

Electrophoretic treatment, make the hardware more corrosion-resistant, ensuring a superior durability

Black textured powder-coated aluminum is UV resistant and no fading

Provide maximum security and concealment of your goods

All-new design using hard polymer rubber corners hinge caps and snap-on seals results in the most water-resistant hard folding cover on the market

Provide 2 years Warranty